– Clarissa Pinkola Estes



Rose Cole- Transformational Guide and Author of High Priestess Training www.rosecole.com
In my many years as a coach and transformational guide, I’ve been blessed to meet and work with some of the best in this field, including Jody England, whose intuitive abilities and insight are unparalleled. She not only helped me uncover a repressed memory so deeply buried, no one could have even guessed it was there, she also helped me clear and integrate that trauma in an amazingly short period of time. She is incredibly psychic and her ability to read energy just blows me away. Jody is truly gifted and one of the most masterful coaches and facilitators that I’ve ever seen!

Krista Barbour- Leadership Coach and Business Consultant www.kristabarbour.com
I’ve collaborated and worked with Jody for over two years and am continually in awe of her incredible skill to tune in, call forward, and literally “untame” the areas that are essential to my development in every area life. Jody’s not your usual “coach”, she’s an incredibly gifted healer, a wise teacher, and a powerful modern-day shaman who sees beyond what the human eye can see and works in realms that actually transmute and transform areas of pain, blocks and blind spots. Working with her has been critical in my journey of stepping into greater success, as well as the expansion and expression of my soul – both personally and professionally. You MUST experience this woman and her gifts!

Sweigh Emily Spilkin- Healer, Mentor, and Soul Guide www.ThresholdsHealing.com

I am madly in love with Jody and her role in my life! I know myself really well, and have done deep, inner work (I’m a psychotherapist and a healer, for God’s sake!), but working with Jody has helped me to experience even more of my essence. She is laser sharp in her “seeing,” uncompromising in her commitment to helping you grow, no bullshit, and always willing to walk her talk by doing her own work first.

Jody has a way of getting in under my radar and helping me move through the barriers I’ve unconsciously constructed. Time and again she has brought me into the heart of my issues, helping me to heal and re-pattern on a soul level.

To me, “untaming” is about surrender, about stripping away the barriers, anything that would separate us from ourselves. I have seen Jody do this in her own life (watch out world, this woman is on fire!), and with each of her clients. She is a powerhouse. A warrior. And a ruthless, and wildly loving, servant of the Divine.

Jody – Thank you for your deep commitment to leaping into the unknown with me, championing the new paradigm, and being an evolutionary soul sister.

Natalie Riggs- Realtor and Sacred Guide to your new Home www.natalieriggs.com

I was referred to Jody by a friend who raved about her work. I had reached a frustrating point in my life where everything I was trying to do wasn’t quite working and I felt like I was at a dead end. I knew I couldn’t figure it out on my own and was looking for the magic ingredient that had been eluding me.

In just a few minutes with Jody, my soul began to stir. My intuition sat up and took notice. I felt a pull forward that I couldn’t totally explain, yet knew I had to follow.

This work has taken me down a path I never would have predicted. What I thought I needed was so different from the medicine that was actually mine to receive. Jody is immensely gifted. Her intuitive ability to see into people, to navigate their pain, their power and their inner landscape allowed me to go places I would never have trusted before. I felt loved and held in every way – like there was no point in putting on my “best face” – she saw through all of that and met me where I needed to be met. It felt like she already knew me in ways that I didn’t yet even know myself. I am still very much in the process of realizing the vast landscape of the gifts I have received from this journey, but I have the outer manifestations of it reflected to me on a regular basis by the people around me. Several of my friends have asked me why I seem so open and grounded now. They remark on the striking difference between the closed, protected, disconnected version of me that was going through the motions of her life and the embodied, soulful, awake version of me that delights in my ability to feel more of EVERYTHING now. For the first time in my adult life, I am making friends with joy, sensuality, forgiveness, gratitude, and true connection with others. Going into the darker places reconnected my body and spirit. When my friends ask how these dramatic shifts have occurred in such a short period of time, I tell them that I’ve had some brilliant guidance on this path!

Jody, thank you for having the strength to see me. Thank you for having the power to hold me. Thank you for having the vision to elevate me.

I am so grateful.

Lelah Wright- Silversmith and Artist www.dancingsilverdesigns.com

Coming from a childhood of pretty intense abuse, I have done a lot of work to heal my past wounds. I felt like I was already pretty energetically clear when I met Jody, so I wasn’t even sure why I was drawn to work with her, but now I totally get it. This ride I have been on with her has been totally unexpected and wild to say the least.

I have a whole new understanding of my “taming” that was the result of being an abused child. Jody has helped to wake me up to the insidious and subconscious ways this trauma was hard-wired into my system and how it’s played into so many of the decisions I’ve made. Even though I had done so much healing work around these issues, it was still literally running my life.

Armed with my new awareness and energetic savvy, I am able to step into radical self responsibility for my life. I am in the driver’s seat of my own life in an eyes-wide-open way. I am no longer a victim to ANYTHING – my past, my abuse, my life, or my self. I feel more empowered and energetically clear than I ever thought possible. I am literally changing the course of life around me as I continue to free my Soul.

Because she heals at the level of energy, Jody has been able to facilitate changes almost instantaneously – on every single level of my life. One magical example was in a session where we happened on some old energetic baggage of mine related to “life is suffering.” (How Jody leads you to these little gems is a whole other story!) At the time, my mother had been sick for eight years, hanging on for the last three of those in a vegetative state. During my session with Jody, my mom’s energy was with us and she cleared her own attachment to suffering along with mine. The very next morning, she passed away. I know with certainty that our energetic clearing allowed her spirit to release her ties to her physical body. It was totally mind-blowing!

Jody is intensely powerful as she cuts through the bullshit, naming things beautifully and piercing the veil in a loving way. She is both psychic and otherworldly while being totally grounded and practical. I love the mix of the logical and the metaphysical. Truly alchemical.

My advice to anyone drawn to this path is — DO IT! It really fucking works! I can’t imagine my life without this Yes in it.

Namaste from my soul to yours, sister.

Elie Calhoun- Founder, Wealthy Kitten www.wealthykitten.com

Jody is a Medicine Woman of our time. She helped me to revisit and revision my story, to get in touch with my deepest Essence so that I can joyfully express myself and my desires in the world. The healing that she ushered in has transformed every part of my life. Jody’s work goes deep, but with her expert guidance I was able to journey with grace and ease towards profound healing.

Years of therapy and personal development work prepared me for Jody, but her work did what those healing modalities could not do: she empowered me to heal myself. I am able to be a strong and gentle healer in the world, radiant in my feminine Essence, because of my work with Jody. I am profoundly grateful for her sweet medicine in my life.

Thank you, and much love.

Kathryn Lively- Associate Professor of Sociology, Dartmouth College

When I first met Jody, I was immediately struck by her wisdom. She just seemed to “get me” in a way that few others ever had. She was super easy to talk to and consistently delivered insights that were well beyond her years.

When I decided to work with her, I had no idea what the work was even about, what it meant to “work with energy”, what a core event was or why it mattered… I just knew that I had to be part of it.

I have worked with several coaches through the years and I can honestly say – hands down – that Jody is one of the best. Her process may not always be “fun,” but it is SO worth it in the end.

Jody is not only a Master Coach, she also has the ability to create a remarkably safe container where her clients can be angry, be triggered, be vulnerable, be heartbroken, and be seen – without fear of recrimination or judgment. Through her insight, guidance, and sheer genius, Jody invited me to find and embrace my core Essence – to truly see and appreciate who I really really am, without the story, without the bullshit, without the excuses or justifications.

When people ask me what I’ve been doing – why it is that I seem so different – happier, more confident and connected, I tell them, “I took this amazing course with this brilliant woman named Jody England.” Without fail, their next question is: “Was it expensive?” And I say, “Yes, it was.” But unlike so many other courses I’ve done in the past, it was worth every cent…and then some. In fact, knowing what I know now, I would have gladly paid twice the amount of admission.

Thank you so much, Jody, for helping me see who I am – for perhaps the first time in my life. I have laid to rest so many painful stories during our work together. I’ve unearthed and put to bed long suppressed memories that had ruled my subconscious and, subsequently, my life. And I’ve opened my heart with the soothing balm of awareness to healing my deep wounds around trusting and connecting with the Feminine.

I am complete. I am powerful. I am ME. You have quite literally changed my life forever.

In Love and Gratitude,



– Albert Camus

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