15 Jan 2017

Stairway to Heaven

The halfway point of my month long sojourn to Costa Rica.   Goddess called me here to further my initiation into the humble walk of service to Her.   I’ve come in anonymity. No website or radio show to serve as identity or credibility. No prior experience of my work or my Being to warm up the awkward space of new meetings and introductions.   I am low woman on the totem pole here within

13 Nov 2016

Be Afraid, Be VERY Afraid

I've been deeply in my own process since the events of Tuesday night.  Actively grieving, raging, emoting, checking out, falling into despair, processing, and surrendering.   For the most part, I’ve stayed off of social media, and far from my TV.   I don’t really need to know the specifics of what is happening now. I am too well acquainted with the larger picture, and my particular programming informs my seeing of What Comes Next.

12 Aug 2016

What is the Meaning of Life?

      What is the Meaning of Life?   The answer to this question can be discovered through any portal, in any moment. Embracing the Medicine presenting itself in service of your Becoming, is the ever present pathway into the Truth the underlies every problem and every solution.   It is tempting to allow ourselves to be sidelined by the disconnection of not knowing. To sit idly waiting to participate fully in our lives

6 Jul 2016


The other day I watched the movie Everest. It’s about a 1996 climbing expedition where 19 people set out to scale the world’s tallest peak and - through a series of miscommunications and misfortunes - 8 of them ended up dying there.   I expected it to be just another adventure story. I only agreed to watch it because it was a movie my husband was willing to sit through, but I found myself deeply

2 May 2016

The skin of a woman is a dangerous thing

The skin of a woman is a dangerous thing Filled with mystery and Aliveness. Tingling with creative potential and electric Divinity, No wrapper to contain all that Muchness.   Confusion of how something so delicate and simple Could invoke such longing and desire In those who connect with even a passing glance.   The skin of a woman is a dangerous thing. She should take pity on us and cover her Self I am incapable

11 Sep 2014

Tangoing with my Shadow

The dragon sleeps. I’m afraid to wake her. She is big. And … fierce. She wants to write this chapter, but I’m afraid she will burn this chapter. She will burn this book. She will burn it all…the fuck…down.   She lives low in my belly. I try not to go there. I get a whiff of her stirring and I rush back up to my head. I try to figure it out. See if

11 Jun 2014

I Am the Stars in All the Sky

Medicine Woman Speaks by Jody What follows is a conversation I had with Medicine Woman - the one who was me and lives inside of me. I was her in a past life and she serves as a guide to me in this life. She and I have had a troubled relationship with one another as we've worked to heal past traumas and find a way to coexist in this human form. She is not