Beautiful naked young woman with her hair transforming in bird feathers
The skin of a woman is a dangerous thing
Filled with mystery and Aliveness.
Tingling with creative potential and electric Divinity,
No wrapper to contain all that Muchness.


Confusion of how something so delicate and simple
Could invoke such longing and desire
In those who connect with even a passing glance.


The skin of a woman is a dangerous thing.
She should take pity on us and cover her Self
I am incapable of bearing her Baring.
I prefer the safety of my own cloaking
And don’t know what I would do if handed
Permission for that much Freedom.


The skin of a woman is a dangerous thing.
Primal, wild, sensual, soft, beautiful
Filled with grace
It whispers of confidence and creation
A journey of Wiser Days.


The skin of a woman will Wholly unseat you
In your notion of Doneness.
You are right to be afraid.
The skin of a woman is a dangerous thing.



  • Jewell

    Whew…this speaks to me so profoundly. In a world where we are re-learning/re-membering what healthy feminine and masculine look like, it can be a lonely place embracing, embodying, owning the powerful Divine Feminine inside of me. She is bursting to come out, She’s on the precipice of living unabashedly in this world. She knows her power and strength, as well as her softness and beauty. She has not been so terribly celebrated, welcomed by those around her…so she has fear around fully making her entrance for the possibility of further isolation and misunderstanding.

    BUT…she’s secure enough with the importance of her mission to risk any isolation and judgment. She will meet all judgment with energetic love and compassion…even if she must walk alone.

    I bow my head to you. For sharing your words, your experience. For she/I know that I’m not actually alone.

    (Thank you, also, as this was written on my 33rd Birthday!) ?

    • jody

      Happy Birthday, Jewell. We are all celebrating the rebirth of the Divine Feminine within ourselves and on the planet. She has been dormant for far too long. Now we rise. XO

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