It is so TIME for us powerful, juicy, shiny women to stop hiding behind the money excuse. To stop using money as the reason why we don’t shine brighter, don’t actually do our work in the world, or don’t indulge our desires and put ourselves in places where we know growth and magic and beauty will happen.

Your current money situation is just a reflection of your energetic exchange with life.

If you are experiencing lack or scarcity in your money or time container, it is an outward manifestation of what is going on INTERNALLY – the places you are afraid to meet the world in your wholeness, the withholds you unconsciously are walking around with, your old wounds and blocks about safety and security. These are what show up in your compromised expression of and relationship to money.

To make deep and lasting shifts in your financial life, you must make them at the Soul level.

The only way out of the perpetual stuckness and frustration with your money container, is to start treating your Soul and your money as the same thing.

It’s a radical conversation that no one is having yet. It is slippery and tricky, and largely hidden from our consciousness.

That’s why I’ve been called to open this portal to a deeper conversation about the meeting of Soul and Money.


Understanding your Soul Medicine Path creates an instantaneous meta view of your life, your work, your relationships and your innate shadow and strengths. Knowing your Soul Path creates a direct awareness of exactly the medicine your soul is journeying toward right now and provides a road map for navigating the labyrinth of your own evolution.

This seven-week group course will be offered in the future, with time devoted to each of the five Soul Medicine Paths. Until then, you can also explore your individual Soul Medicine Path in private coaching.


In this intimate work, we guide you to the discovery of the moment of your Taming in this lifetime – Your Story. We’ll pierce the veil of the origin of ALL the pain and suffering in your life, as we midwife you in pulling back the curtain on your story . Honoring your survival patterns, core wounds, and Soul Medicine, we expand your consciousness beyond what you’ve believed to be truth up until now and into the Freedom of what is actually Real.

You’ll deepen into your particular flavors of taming on your individual Soul Medicine Path and step out from under the illusion of your imprisonment. You’ll also receive powerful healings and practical tools that will repair your energy system, awaken your Soul, and prepare you to navigate these awarenesses out in the world.

This is both a foundational course and one of our deepest offerings. (Remember, our unofficial motto is, “Go Deep or Go Home…”) With this work under your belt you’ll be positioned to operate from truth and awareness in every area of your life. You’ll understand why you do what you do, how your triggers are put together and will effectively open the cell door you’ve been holding closed on yourself.

The Story container is always filling and birthing as the women who are meant to move into Freedom arrive. If you are feeling called to be part of this journey, you can email us and we’ll follow up with you for an interview to make sure it’s in alignment.

EsoTerra (Formerly Magik School)

Part Mystery School, Part Church, Part Spiritual College – EsoTerra is a modern day alchemist guild that equips evolutionary women and men with new paradigm technologies (like energy reading, truth telling, shadow work, and identifying Soul Medicine Paths.)

In this 9 Month Heal the Healer class, you will be immersed in New Earth technologies that support your becoming fluent in the language of Energy and Soul. Practicing the tools by healing and clearing your own blocks and identity structures, you will make room for your True Self to have a seat at the table.

Living the New Earth now through integrated spiritual practice, EsoTerra is the entry point for all other programs in this Gnostic Temple of Returning… to the Wisdom of your Innermost Territories to Awaken into a Direct Experience of Who You Are.

Enrollment for 2018 begins soon. Join the waitlist to be notified when the Portal opens.


Coaching is most effective when you have a few consistent sessions over several months to make the changes necessary to integrate your medicine back into your life.I have a unique ability to tune into the path of a person’s soul. I work with powerful women (and a few divinely masculine men) who are Evolutionary Kamikazes passionate about getting to the bottom of All of This. Known as the “Practical Voice of the Metaphysical,” I am a Wisdom Broker that specializes in seeing the unseen and translating that information into removing obstacles, providing insight, and creating freedom and peace for my clients.

The schedule for private clients is limited – Contact Us to check availability.