Design on the subject of intuition between parent and child made of profiles of woman and child human eye and abstract elements




What is the Meaning of Life?


The answer to this question can be discovered through any portal, in any moment. Embracing the Medicine presenting itself in service of your Becoming, is the ever present pathway into the Truth the underlies every problem and every solution.


It is tempting to allow ourselves to be sidelined by the disconnection of not knowing. To sit idly waiting to participate fully in our lives until we’ve discerned the how, what, and why of it all. Suspending our alignment with the eros of living, while holding out for the answer we hope will solve the ancient most riddle of human existence.


But you don’t have to wait. Not one moment longer.


The answer you have been seeking has been seeking you.


As you sit here reading these words, pondering a deeper Purpose – yet not quite able to stand in it yet… you have already Arrived. Through your engagement in the inquiry of life’s meaning, you are already fulfilling the purpose of the mystery of life.


The Divine Awareness of a Soul examining Itself.


Creation come to Life.


Pause here in your Waking inside of the Dream.


Feel yourself in this now moment suddenly on the other side of the veil. Fully Alive within the experience of asking the question. Noticing how your cells become enlivened by the invitation to participate in the juiciness of the discoveries making themselves known. Feel your heart fluttering in anticipation of the possibility of hidden secrets being revealed inside the breath tickling your lungs and the pulse pitter-pattering in your veins.


Being kissed by the breeze and loved by the grass beneath your feet – all queries gently shushed by the definitive rustling of Spirit.


This, Beloved. THIS.


Here, Now.


You, God.




ME-ing. ME-ning.


Asked and Answered.